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With Friends Like These
24.04.17 As a professional, a simple fact of life is that, at some point, one of your friends is likely to ask for your advice or assistance with something that falls within your area of expertise. It happens to us all at some point, but the real question is how should you deal with it?
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Risk Insights: How Employment Status Affects Employers’ Liability Cover
21.04.17 As an owner or manager, you have an obligation and responsibility to provide your employees with a safe working environment. If you do not, it could result in a costly claim. For that reason, review the guidance provided in this Risk Insight.
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News Brief: What Article 50 Means for Businesses
10.04.17 On 29th March, Prime Minister Theresa May triggered Article 50, which formally begins the United Kingdom's withdrawal process from the EU. But what does Article 50 mean for your business? Read this News Brief for an overview of how your business may be affected and the simple step you can take now to start preparing.
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Workplace Health and Safety Guide – Health and Safety Risk Assessments
07.04.17 Employers can use this workplace health and safety guide to create or review their required workplace health and safety risk assessment.
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Commercial Insurance Pro-File – April 2017
01.04.17 The April Commercial Insurance Pro-File contains beneficial information on how the number of HSE prosecutions against directors has tripled in 2016, outlines five significant legislative changes that are coming into force on 6th April, and explains how the Spring Budget could be good or bad for UK businesses.
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Workplace Health and Safety Guide – Lone Working
20.03.17 An employers' Health and Safety Guide to working alone for your employees, what your legal responsibilities are and what you can do to make sure your staff are safe, and what issues might you face.
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Safety Focused Newsletter March 2017
14.03.17 In this issue of Safety Focused you can find useful information and tips on how to stay safe when you're working alone, and how having the right soft skills can help with conflict resolution.
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HSE Safety Cornerstones – March 2017
10.03.17 The March issue of HSE Safety Cornerstones newsletter provides insight into the increased number of H&S prosecutions against Directors in the year following the new guidelines from the Sentencing Council came into force and the shocking discovery that Half Of Workers don't know basic H&S Rules.
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Live Well, Work Well – March 2017
06.03.17 In the March edition of the Live Well, Work Well newsletter, you will find beneficial articles on how to eat organic on a budget, why sleeping in a tent could be key to waking up refreshed, and a cautious note to 'Quick Fixes' when it comes to your health.
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Business People
The Insurance Act 2015: What you need to know
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