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Health and Well-being for Self-employed and Freelance Workers

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There are nearly 5 million self-employed people within the UK—that’s 15 per cent of the workforce, according to recent figures from the Office for National Statistics. That’s an increase of 47 per cent more self-employed workers since 2001. And while many may imagine self-employment as a liberating experience, the reality isn’t quite that simple. Despite […]

Improving Emails: GDPR Tips

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Getting consent for email marketing—while a seemingly simple task—has become significantly more difficult following the implementation of the GDPR. And while the flood of GDPR preference-confirmation emails has ended, you still need a lawful basis (like consent) to email prospects. To keep cultivating prospect consent, follow these tips based on the lessons learned from the […]

Cautionary Tales About PI Insurance

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The team from CIAT Insurance Services visited the Yorkshire Region on 13 February 2018 to give a presentation covering some compelling and cautionary tales about Professional Indemnity Insurance. While many firms won’t need to rely on their Professional Indemnity Insurance for a great many years,  claims invariably do happen and are an unavoidable fact of life. Over […]

Driver Distractions and How to Avoid Them

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Driver distractions have joined alcohol and speeding as leading factors in crashes that cause fatal and serious injuries. However, mobiles aren’t solely to blame. Anything that takes away all of your attention from driving is a distraction. There are three main types of distractions: Visual—Taking your eyes off the road Manual—Taking your hands off the […]

Cyber Crime – Tips for Travelling

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Staying safe while travelling involves more than simply locking your valuables in a hotel safe. Today, cyber crime is just as prevalent as a conventional crime. In fact, your digital property may be more valuable to criminals than your personal property. Before packing for your next business trip, take the following precautions to protect yourself […]