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Claims, Liability and Limitation
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Guide To Zurich For Business
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Contracts and the Need for Certainty
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With Friends Like These…
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With Friends Like These
24.04.17 As a professional, a simple fact of life is that, at some point, one of your friends is likely to ask for your advice or assistance with something that falls within your area of expertise. It happens to us all at some point, but the real question is how should you deal with it?
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Workplace Health and Safety Guide – Health and Safety Risk Assessments
07.04.17 Employers can use this workplace health and safety guide to create or review their required workplace health and safety risk assessment.
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Workplace Health and Safety Guide – Lone Working
20.03.17 An employers' Health and Safety Guide to working alone for your employees, what your legal responsibilities are and what you can do to make sure your staff are safe, and what issues might you face.
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Business People
The Insurance Act 2015: What you need to know
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Client Terms of Business
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Apply on line for our insurance facilities, using the relevant form provided.
PI Insurance proposal form
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