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Introducing MyDocSafe

By mjackson

In previous articles ‘Contract & the Need for Certainty‘ and ‘The Services: The Devil in the Detail‘ we’ve highlighted the importance of ensuring that a formal contract is in place with your Client(s). This helps ensure that both parties are aware of the terms of the appointment and can assist in safeguarding your position should a dispute with your client arise.

We are delighted to introduce MyDocSafe, a feature-rich document and electronic signature platform which can help: both as a time-saving tool that streamlines your processes but also as a risk management tool that helps your business mitigate your legal and financial risk.

Executing a contract, once the main terms have been agreed (scope, price, milestones, liabilities) should be rather simple and almost mechanic.  It is all about the process: find the right template, populate the template, send it across to the right person, collect the signatures, file the document.  However, with GDPR now in force it is important to think about how your client data enters your premises and whether it is used properly and stored securely.

If your contract should be signed together with other documents, include an electronic form to capture important data, include ID verification checks and potentially a down payment, then the process can quickly become rather long, labour intensive and consequently expensive.  This is where MyDocSafe can help: both as a time saving tool that streamlines your processes but also as a risk management tool that helps your business mitigate your legal and financial risk related to contracting with new clients while keeping their data within the EU and encrypted.

Here is how it works:  you can set up your intake forms and contract templates directly in MyDocSafe.  You can then build your own processes that include forms, document templates and payments.  When ready, you can invite your client by email to complete the process.   The client receives an email with a single button that leads to the first step of the process.  Once that step is completed they go to the next etc.

At the end, both you and your client receive signed copies of the contracts.  If your process is even more complex and requires inputs from multiple parties and is unlikely to be completed in a single sitting, you can embed your process in a client portal that provides a secure space through which both you and your client team can interact.

The benefits are numerous: minimise hassle, automate multi-step processes you need to complete with your clients before the work starts, and make sure your client data is encrypted and securely stored.

ABOUT MyDocSafe.

MyDocSafe is the leading provider of advanced e-signature and on-boarding software for the professional and financial service firm market. MyDocSafe empowers companies to design and deploy their own client sign up processes which include secure forms, KYC/AML checks, contract signing, payment facility and client portal setup. MyDocSafe’s GDPR dashboard also helps companies with internal regulatory audit and compliance. MyDocSafe enterprise edition includes a MiFID2 categorisation platform that helps banks categorise clients and win new business. For additional information, visit

For more information about MyDocSafe please visit the website or contact Daniel Stachowiak | | +44 203 286 7419 (UK)