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Why You Need to Wave ‘Goodbye’ to Work Tasks While on Holiday

By mjackson

As August holidays roll around, it is important to take this time to relax and unwind from the workplace. This means fully disconnecting from work calls, texts and emails. Unfortunately, research shows that many UK workers aren’t making the most of their time off, staying connected to their work over holiday, and—in some cases—not taking a holiday whatsoever.

About 33 per cent of UK employees admit to not ‘switching off’ from work during their holiday, while 1 in 5 UK workers haven’t taken a holiday within the past year, according to industry research. Not to mention, 52 per cent of Brits typically have leftover holiday allowance, in which 64 per cent have lost days altogether, according to a poll commissioned by British Airways. The poll found that Brits lose, on average, four days of annual leave each year.

Consider the following tips to avoid being so ‘addicted’ to work and make the most of your upcoming holiday:

  • Maintain a proper work-life balance—More than anything, you need to make sure that your work doesn’t consume your life. Create a healthy work-life balance by nurturing outside relationships, hobbies and skills that you don’t use on the job. This may involve going for walks, having a scheduled social event with friends each week, or participating in a community event or class related to any of your hobbies.


  • Develop healthy habits—Practise habits that encourage a disconnect from work when necessary. This may include having a routine at the end of each working day—such as cleaning your workspace—that allows you to unwind.


  • Make a wellness action plan—As part of your plan, identify what causes stress in your workplace and which practices improve your well-being. Make use of employee assistance programmes for free advice and counselling. If you don’t feel supported, speak to your supervisor or human resources department to remedy the problem.